How to view your student's progress

This instruction shows you how to view the progress of the student(s) you supervise.

If you want to see the results of students whom you don't supervise, go to the instructions Search student to search the student(s) and the instructions Student overview for the "Student's progress" tab.

Go to the  "Tutor" menu

  1. Click on  "Tutor" menu

Selecting a student

In the "You are the supervisor of" field, select the student whose "SVO" (study progress review) you wish to access.

Go to the "Student's progress" tab

  1. Click on the "Student's Progress" tab

Select the degree programme

  1. Click the radiobutton to select the degree programme
  2. Select SP review

Opening the PDF document

  1. When you've clicked on "SP review" a pop-up will appear. Select "Open" or "Save".

The first page of the SP review:

The first page of the SP review:

The SP review includes the following components:

  1. Date
  2. Degree programme and Cohort
  3. The Exam programme
  4. Overview of the requirements of the Exam programme and the credits obtained by the student
  5. Overview of the components of the Exam programme

SP continuation sheets

SP continuation sheets
  1. The different components and course modules within the Exam programme
  2. The credits. When these are in parentheses, this means that the student has not yet completed these credits. Either because there is no result or the result is insufficient.
  3. The results
  4. A section "Results - Others". These results do not contribute towards completion of the student's Exam programme.


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