Go to the "Tutor" menu

The "Tutor" tab displays your personal details and the students you supervise. This screen is divided into three blocks:

  1. "Personal details". You can modify the contents of the fields of 'Title', 'Telephone number', 'E-mail address', 'Availability' and 'Language of instruction'.
  2. "Limit students shown in list:" Use this block to select students by surname, first name, role and property.
  3. "You are the supervisor of:" Use the link in the field 'Student ID' to obtain more information about the student. By using the link 'Change', the  'Change property' screen will open in which you can add, modify or remove properties for a student. You can restrict the list of students by ticking the box behind the student 'Hide' and selecting 'Save'. The student will disappear from the list. The 'hidden' students can be shown again by ticking the box 'Show hidden students' and selecting the link 'Search'. To hide students without an active registration tick the  'Only show students with an active registration' box and select the 'Search' link.

Explanation of the links: :

  1. [Save]: Changes to the data are saved
  2. [New note]: by clicking this link the 'Note details' tab will open. For creating notes, go to the manual How to create or modify appointments and actions with students
  3. [Export]: by clicking this link, the 'Export students' tab will open. For exporting data, go to the manual  How to export students to Excel files
  4. [Help]: by clicking this link, the Help window of this tab will open.
  5. [Flag]: by clicking the flag, you can change the language setting to Dutch.


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