Student overview

These instructions show you where you can find information about a specific student.

Search Student

Search Student

1. After logging in to Osiris select [Search student]

2. Enter the student number and press [Search]

3. The name of the student and the student number appear. Click on the student number to see the overview of this student.

Student overview

After selecting a student the screen above will appear.

  1. This screen shows the general data of the student and his/her degree programme(s).

"Address" tab:

This tab shows you the study-address and the student's telephone number(s)

"Groups" tab

"Groups" tab

Here you can see all student groups and classes of the student

"Tutors' tab:

  1. This tab displays the tutor(s) of the student.

"Previous qualifications" tab:

"Previous qualifications" tab:
  1. This tab displays information on the student's previous qualifications. The first table shows the previous qualifications of the student. The second table shows the subjects of the currently selected previous qualifications.

"Notes" tab:

  1. This tab displays the notes and appointments. For more information about notes and appointments, check the manual: How to create or modify appointments and actions with students

"Student's progress" tab

This tab displays information on the student's progress.

  1. This table shows the study programmes and programme syllabi in which the student is currently enrolled.
  2. This table shows the progress information by study programme.
  3. Here you can choose different reports.

Review registrations

Review registrations

By choosing [Review registrations] in the previous screen you will get to see the information above. You now see all registrations of the student.

1. If you click on [Show history] you will also see all registrations of previous blocks and academic years.

"Binding advice" tab:

This tab displays the binding study recommendations that were issued to the student. Only definitive recommendations are shown.

  1. This table shows the recommendation per degree programme.
  2. This table shows the calculated recommendation.
  3. This table shows information regarding any corrections (new recommendation).

If your academy does not work with the special BSA module, you will get the message 'No records found'

"Optional information" tab:

In this tab you can view the optional fields for a student.

  1. This table shows the section(s).
  2. This table shows the optional information per section. By clicking on the optional information (underlined) you can see the details of the optional information.


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