How to register results per student

These instructions show you how to register results per student

Go to the Results menu

Go to the Results menu
  1. Select the [Results] menu

Select the Register results per student tab

Select the Register results per student tab
  1. Find the student for whom you want to register a result.
  2. Click [Search].
  3. Click [Register results] to select the student.

Test result screen

  1. Register the result and the test date.
  2. If it is possible that the credits have been obtained abroad, you also have to register the country.
  3. Click [Save] and then click [Next]. You will be redirected to a new window containing a list of to confirm registered results and confirmed results.

Confirm results screen

  1. Check the data. If necessary you can go back using [Previous] to correct results.
  2. Choose [Prepare for signing]. The results now have the status 'sent' (see step select test screen).
  3. You can see an overview of the confirmed results at the menu [Confirmed results]. You can always correct these results. After the electronic signing the results are final and the lecturer can not make changes by himself.
  4. Instead of [Prepare for signing] you can also choose for [Sign electronically]. It is better to wait for the end of the inspection period, so you can always change the results if necessary.  

It is important to always use [Prepare for signing] of [Sign electronically]. Otherwise you will receive an email that you have not registered all results.

Sign results screen

  1. Here you will find all result lists that are ready for electronic signing, sorted from old to new. You can click on the blue i to see details of a specific list.
  2. Select the box of the list you want to sign. It is possible to select multiple or all boxes at once.
  3. Click on [Sign electronically]

Using your signature

Using your signature

1. Type your NHTV password.

2. Click [Sign]. All results of the selected lists have now been signed and are final. After you click [Ok] you will receive an overview of the results. You can print or save the form for your own administration. A correction of a final result can only be done by the Osiris Backoffice.


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