The E-coach menu displays the students with a current registration for the selected degree programme and shows the amount of credits the students have obtained.


Go to: E-coach

  1. Use this block to select students by degree programme, intake year, surname, study property and student group. You can also choose to display only your own students. The [advanced search] link can be used to access a selection form where you can search for students by using additional fields.
  2. Use the link in the 'Student ID' field to obtain more information about the student.
  3. Use the 'SPR' link to obtain the student's progress report.
  4. Credits obtained in the propaedeutic phase.
  5. Credits obtained in the Bachelor.
  6. Average grade propaedeutic phase. 

Expand or collapse studyprogramme menu

  1. Click on the plus/minussign to expand or collapse the obtained credits.


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