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How to register a facility for a student?

In this instruction will be explained how a student counselor can add a facility for a student in Osiris (approved for a functional limitation).

Go to the overview page of the specific student

Go to the tab [Facilities].

Add a facility

Add a facility

Click '+' to add a facility for this student.

Enter the required information

1. Click on the magnifier to see all facilities.

2. Choose the facility for the student and click [Select].

3. Add an explanation if necessary.

4. Add the duration of the facility.

5. You can choose to add standard to the facility. 'No' means that the student has to add the facility to each exam registration manually. For all students of the academy this must be the same. Consult your keyuser about this decision, because your choice is important for a good instruction to the students about the registration for exams. Also, if you choose 'NO', the facility will not automatically be registered in case of a registration by the Osiris backoffice'.

6. [Related to] will be added automatically according to the type of facility.

7. You can now [Save] all information.

The facility is now visible


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