Menu Overviews

These instructions show you how to make reports via the menu Overviews.

Go to menu > Overviews

You are now being transferred to the back-office environment of Osiris.
And the following screen, as displayed in the screenshot below will appear.

This screen displays all reports for which you have permission. The list is ordered by the date you last executed the report. The most recent reports are displayed at the top of the list.

  1. Here you can search for reports based on (a part of) their name or number. (you can fill in "Test performance"  or "9.6.08").

    You can select the report by clicking on the name of the report.  And then the following screen will appear.

On the left side you can fill all the selection criteria which you would like to include in your report.
For example, enter a course code, academic year and starting block. Choose the file format (in this case PDF).
And select [Run] in order to get your PDF output.


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